On Stream carries out all manner of analysis work

  • Feasibility studies for individual schemes, portfolios of sites, and for upgrade works to plant and equipment
  • Hydrological and energy capture analysis
  • Policy consultancy for public bodies
  • Due dilligence to support investment decisions
  • Expert witness work in micro and small hydro

Design and project management

On Stream takes up various professional roles

  • Detailed scheme design
  • Client's engineer during construction
  • Full project management

Environmental and Compliance

On Stream is highly experienced in

  • Abstraction licensing
  • Planning permission
  • Operational oversight
  • Carrying out monitoring in support of licenses

Site Services

On Stream also has a distinct line of work carrying out site works for small scale hydro plants in the South West of England where we operate or carry ad-hoc works on around 1.5MW of plants principally around Devon. We carry out full day-to-day operation on a few hundred kW of plants, we also offer this service to other local owners along with general call-out service for emergency and planned works.  Call or email if you have a site you want to discuss.

Contact us on 07760 249738 or email