About us

Tread lightly

We have a complete committment to minimising our ecological footprint.  Whilst hydroelectric power is zero carbon, we also believe our mission is to support our clients in reaching zero carbon, and embody that in our practice too.  So our office, workshops and home are well insulated and only heated by hydro or solar electricity or sustainable wood and our vehicles are all electric. 


Our directors Chris and Yvette Elliott have long experience of development and operation of hydro-electric systems.  We have designed, installed or operated at least 100 small scale hydro sites with a combined output of around 2500kW over a period of around 15 years.

Many of these schemes have been built in environmentally sensitive locations, and have complied with some of the most exacting license conditions.

We have dealt with a range of different clients from utilities, to landowners and mill owners and understand the requirements of different scales of scheme operator.

We now own and operate around 400kW of hydropower schemes on Dartmoor and nearby, and have a client base of local scheme owners for whom we provide hydropower services.

We'd love to talk to you about your hydropower project!

Where we are

We are based at Old Walls on Dartmoor. The site has been powered by hydro since 1936 when a small Gilkes turbine was installed originally before the national grid was available. This was replaced in 1995 with an enlarged scheme which exports most of its power the the grid, and this again was renewed in 2021, including energy storage.  We are really committed to being environmentally sustainable, getting power for the workshops from solar panels, and also using electric vehicles for the business.

Contact us on 07760 249738 or email chris@on-stream.co.uk