We keep water and energy flowing

For our clients across the south west of England, we provide a full range of services to keep hydro electric systems operating to the maximum of their potential at all times

On Stream Energy is a small hydroelectric scheme operator, developer and consultant.  We operate a small fleet of hydro plants in South West England that we have developed in recent years, providing a practical grounding to our technical services.  For external clients we offer design, licensing and site services.  If you have an existing operational site we can improve operation, provide mechanical and electrical servicing and upgrades, and we can design schemes from scratch.  We also carry out consultancy for regulators and governments in the area of policy and evidence.

Our design capability is based on principles of ecologically sensitivity, quality design and construction and latest technology to ease operation.

Our staff have all worked in the hydropower industry for many years and are able to provide robust and competent services in all areas of small and micro hydro development and operation.  Our staff have designed systems with all the main technology types between around 5 and 500kW for a wide range of clients. 

We provide a service to meet the requirements of the Accelerated Loss of Mains Change Programme (ALoMCP) to update G59 relays and carry out the necessary G99 testing, including securing funding for such work. 

We also provide sub-contract design services to other businesses in hydropower, fisheries and energy consultancy fields, inputting into UK and international projects.

To see the range of services we provide, and case studies of our clients and sites click on the links above.

Contact us on 07760 249738 or email chris@on-stream.co.uk

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