Resource assessment for international mining company estate 

On Stream was employed by a developer to investigate a range of potential sites across the estate owned by an international mining firm.  The sites were widely spread and included areas of historic interest, disused assets, operational mining areas, and areas under habitat restoration.  On Stream carried out desk based assessments, followed by site visits and surveys to inform proposal development and to prioritise sites for development.  

Since some sites were within heavily modified catchments it was necessary to carry out extended hydrological measurements and consider the associated upstream and downstream operations and licensed flows, as well as future planned developments.

Following this process On Stream prioritised sites as necessary and took forward licensing and permission processes on 3 sites whilst advising the developer to assist leasing of sites from the landlord.

Following these aspects On Stream provided full detailed engineering design and a range of other services.

Bespoke reports and verifications

Developer Derwent Hydro wished to withdraw a generating station from the RO register to allow the site to be rebuilt as a FiT accredited generating station.  On Stream supported this process by providing an independant verification of the decomissioning process to submit OFGEM to support the RO wothdrawal.

Feasibility Studies

On Stream Energy carries out feasibility studies and associated work for projects small hydro plants regularly.  This site called Knowle Wood was found to be suitable for hydro, and permission to build the system was obtained, along with the necessary option and lease arrangement from a landowner for a private developer.

Storage design for run of river client

An existing customer wanted to investigate the possibility of adding storage using an existing reservoir.  The cost can be relatively small and can be quite beneficial on higher head moderate scale schemes, such as a 500kW site with over 100m head.  On Stream modelled the various potential layouts, determined the potential income streams and how much benefit this could provide, as well as proposing a control methodology which was acceptable to the regulators. 

The economics of storage rely on a mix of income streams, not only selling power at times when the wholesale open market price is high, but also making use of payments given to reduce load on the transmission or distribution network (TRIADs and GDUoS payments), as well as potentially bidding into the Short Term Operating Reserve market via aggregator companies.